Cardcaptor Sakura Episode 2 Sub/Dub Comparison

Funny, I don’t remember Sakura fighting Venom.

Card(s) of the Day:

Shadow: Shadow has the ability to collect the shadows of people and use them to gain more power. It only ‘appears’ at night and its weakness is light.

Plot: Lots of weird happenings have been occurring at school and it’s the fault of a Clow card. Sakura has to brave going to school at night to fight a powerful Clow card, Shadow.


Title Change: Sakura’s Wonderful Friend is changed to Partners in Crime.

They edit out Sakura’s spiral eyes when Kero bops her on the head.

In the original, Sakura backtracks when she says she had someone wake her up and says it was the alarm clock. They edit out the scene where she says that and have her just say ‘nevermind.’

In the original, after Sakura greets her mom’s picture, her dad comes into the room to have breakfast. Toya serves breakfast, Sakura stomps his foot for calling her a monster, they eat breakfast, Sakura puts away her dishes, grabs a leftover snack saying she has to clean up the classroom today and leaves to go upstairs. In the dub, this entire scene is cut out.

When Sakura leaves, I think they edited in clips from the last episode to make her be able to talk longer.

When Sakura turns to take a detour, she purposely goes that way to take a small peak at Yukito’s house. He appears, and they have a short conversation. He gives her a few flowers from one of his bushes to use in the classroom and she takes them to school. In the dub, they omit this entire scene. I guess they really don’t want to poke at this crush. She arrives at school without the flowers in the dub as well.

They edit out where Sakura’s frozen in shock after seeing Tomoyo’s video of her flying around in the sky.

They edit out Sakura’s scream before Kero pops out of her bag.

I don’t know why, but when Kero is rambling after popping out of Sakura’s bag, Sakura’s eyes are dot-like, not fully anime-style like they are in the dub. What is up with them and eyes?



After a shot of the soccer players, Kero finishes the story of how Sakura became a Cardcaptor. Tomoyo gushes saying it’s amazing, grabs Sakura’s hands and asks her to show off her magic. Kero also prods her to do so. They zoom out and show they’re alone before Sakura agrees to do something small. In the dub, they jump straight from soccer to Sakura preparing to do magic.

After Kero shows that he brought the cards to school, Tomoyo asks Sakura if she has a trademark pose yet. She says trademark poses are one of the best parts of being a magical girl. Sakura zooms by the screen with swirly eyes again. In the dub, this is completely edited out and changed to Madison asking Sakura if she can film her using magic.

After Sakura says “Not at night” she imagines herself being chased by a cartoon-ish ghost and then screams. This is edited out of the dub.

In the original, after Tomoyo says she’ll go with Sakura, Sakura plops down on the floor because she thought Tomoyo was agreeing with her to stay away from the school at night. They omit this in the dub.

Immediately after that, Sakura pops up on screen as Tomoyo says she wants to capture Sakura on film being cute asking why. She answers that it’s her hobby. Kero also jumps into the shot and they agree. As they zoom out of the house, Tomoyo says that that’s another reason to start work on a trademark pose and Kero agrees.

In the dub, Sakura and Kero popping up are edited out and no hint of Tomoyo gushing over Sakura or the trademark pose are left.

After Sakura changes clothes, they zoom out on the street. They keep the zoom out in the dub, but edit out the little picture bubble where Sakura complains some more.

They really don’t like Sakura with spiral eyes (which is weird, that’s prevalent in western animation too) After the Clow card attacks the girls, Sakura stands there for a second or two with spiral eyes, but this is edited out.

When Sakura says it’s floating, she’s actually supposed to be on screen when she says it. But since she’s all spiral eyed when she does it, it’s edited out. Also, the scene where Sakura is latched onto Tomoyo is edited even shorter.

They edit out the shot of the sign for the AV room, because it has Japanese on it, and, if 4Kids has taught us and Nelvana anything, Japan is evil, even if you translate the text and replace it.

After Tomoyo gushes over her movie, Sakura plops down on the floor again. Edited out.

Next episode, Watery’s debut as Sakura takes a field trip to the aquarium.

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