Tokyo Mew Mew/Mew Mew Power Episode 1 (12 for the Original) Sub/Dub Comparison

They edited off some insanely small text in the background screen behind Shirogane and Akasaka during the meeting.

Subbed: tmmep1fixedscreen4

Dubbed: kb1iz92

Wesley: “And of course your leader, Zoey”…Since when is Zoey assigned the leader? And why is she leader? I mean, in the original, it’s heavily implied that she is. They’re the Mew Mews, the show’s called Tokyo Mew Mew, she’s always at the front, she gets all the best weapons and attacks blah blah, but they never outright say it. In the dub it’s like, ‘but forget all of you guys, let’s introduce the leader!’

In the original, during the exposition-fest, Lettuce asks why they chose them to be Mew Mews. Shirogane says that they didn’t choose them, they moreso found them. He says if they were chosen by anybody…then he just trails off and we get a closeup shot of the monitor with the earth on it.

So either he’s insinuating that they were chosen by nature or God. In the dub, Bridget asks how they can be heroes when they have schoolwork to do and Elliot says that the earth is at stake and they basically need to deal with it. The closeup shot of the monitor is gone because it couldn’t have fit in in this scene…oh wait, yes it could because they said ‘earth.’ Oops. I dunno why this was changed. The implication of God, if there was one, is incredibly subtle, so religion couldn’t have been much of a factor.

The conversation between Ichigo and Shirogane is somewhat changed. The theme of her wondering how long they’ll be Mew Mews is still there, but she’s a lot more whiny about being a Mew Mew in the dub. Elliot’s also much more of an ass about the situation than Shirogane is. Shirogane basically states that they have to be Mew Mews until they defeat the aliens and he honestly doesn’t know when that is. Until then, they’ll have to cope. Elliot’s like “Be glad you have superpowers and stfu.”

In the original, Zakuro tells Ichigo that, when you’re truly in love, the other person has to get just as excited as she gets when her tail and ears pop out. Then Mint freaks out because Ichigo got special attention from Zakuro and accuses Ichigo of faking a problem to get attention from Zakuro. Lettuce says she doesn’t know what a finless porpoise is (the conversation kinda skips to that for some reason). Mint tells her it’s like a dolphin.

In the dub, Renee basically tells her that she knows a crush when she sees one and that she’ll need to stay focused or else she’ll get crushed….Whatever that means. Then Corina basically gushes because Zoey got love advice from Renee Roberts who must’ve had tons of boyfriends. Then Bridget asks how old she is to have many boyfriends and Corina tells her that’s not important.

In the original, Ichigo is simply thinking on her bed before she goes to sleep while talking to Masha. She’s basically saying that the whole situation is too much to believe and that she can’t believe that it’s happening right when Aoyama finally asked her out. Then she starts thinking about going out with him and wondering if it’s truly a date and what will happen when they’re alone.

In the dub, Zoey has just woken up from a nightmare where the aliens invaded and she couldn’t find Mark anywhere. Then Mini-Mew cheers and says “Whoo hoo, Mew Mews to the rescue!” Right that’s a good response to that statement.

Name change: Masha is changed to Mini-Mew….Masha’s name has somewhat of a meaning. Ichigo named him after Masaya.

This next scene is changed slightly. In the original, Ichigo’s dad is crying because she’s acting like nothing happened last night (The ears and freaking out and whatnot) In the dub, he’s crying because of “Injuries (he) sustained to (his) neck while trying to open her closet door last night”

In the original, while Ichigo’s on her way to school, she has this inner monologue running about how she’s going to make the best of her situation and try her best with everything. Everything’s going good with Aoyama, she’s found the other Mew Mews and everything’s going to be okay.

In the dub, 4Kids thought “Inner monologue? Screw that! Crappy pop song? We can market that! Go for it!” Basically they run a pop song that gives the same message barring the stuff about Aoyama and the other Mew Mews plays with no inner monologue from Zoey whatsoever. Because of this, the drastic mood change in the original between that scene and Akasaka meeting with Shirogane is completely deflated.

All of the tiny, unreadable text on Akasaka’s computer screen is edited off. Please see the made up Pokemon Language for the reasoning behind this.

In the original, Akasaka says he’ll need 30 minutes to complete his findings for the Mews, thus Shirogane tells the girls that they have 30 minutes to close down the cafe for important Mew business.

In the dub, Wesley says he already has everything that he needs and Elliot tells the girls that they need to get the customers out of there in five minutes due to a broken pipe as a health code violation. Five minutes seems very unreasonable compared to thirty minutes. At least with 30 minutes the customers can probably finish their food and drinks before needing to leave. Five minutes seems like a ‘shove them out the door’ situation.

Name change: Kisshu (Or Kish, but I’m calling him Kisshu) is changed to Dren. Kisshu doesn’t have much meaning, to my knowledge anyway, but it is a food theme like the girls have with their names. The three main villains are called Kisshu, Taruto and Pai, which translate to Quiche, Tart and Pie.

Instead, 4Kids decided to play stupid word games with their names. They’re now Dren, which is nerd spelled backwards, Tarb, which is brat spelled backwards, and Sardon, which is Nodras spelled backwards….Wait that last one is gibberish….Oh apparently it’s short for ‘sardonic’

4Kids…..Again…..You think your audience is as dumb as rocks…I can understand the Tarb and Dren thing, that’s simple enough for kids to figure out….but Sardonic?….I’ve heard that word about five times my entire life and I just barely knew what it meant and I certainly didn’t think to connect the dots with that one. You honestly believe that kids will know what that is poking at? Oh maybe they can figure it out “if they COLLABORATE!”

What’s more is, why start such a theme with their names if you weren’t going to keep it up? Call Pai Dren because he is the nerd, Tarb as Taruto is okay because he is a brat, but call Kisshu like Yllub for bully or Krej for jerk or something. How is he a nerd?

During the meeting to talk about the situation at hand, Shirogane and Akasaka tell the girls that they’ll to each destroy one of the trees that has become the focal point for a poison infestation. The tree that Aoyama brought Ichigo to appears on the screen and they tell them that that tree is the main center of the infestation. Ichigo speaks up and volunteers to go to that tree since she’s already been there before and begs Shirogane to go. He agrees.

In the dub, Zoey is outraged that they have to destroy trees. She says she has principles and that every tree is a unique just like people, mirroring the conversation from before. Elliot says that that’s true but it has to be done. To be honest, I kinda faded out in that scene. All I heard was “Bitch, moan, whine environmentalist special snowflake.” Seriously, she sounds like she’s willing to sacrifice the whole city for five trees. Trees are great and all, recycle, save the forest, our environment is precious and should be treated as such, but saying that five trees outweighs the lives of millions of people is about as extremist as you can get.

After that, Shirogane is about to send them off, but then he remembers that Ichigo gave them a name on television the day before so he says “Tokyo Mew Mew, Sortie!” In the dub, he says “Every tree is special like people. I like that. Okay Mew Mews, protect our planet!” Will do there, Gaia. EARTH, WIND, FIRE, WATER, HEART, GO PLANET—Oh wait, wrong show. Sorry.

Hey, had your fill of dumb rhyming catchphrases? Yes? Too bad! In the original, after Shirogane sends them off, all of the Mew Mews recite their names and then say “METAMORPHOSIS!” The dub has them each say a line in this doofy catchphrase.

Mew Mew Fusion!

Mew Mew Fate!

Supernature! (what is supernature?)


Power Pendant, UNIMORPHOSIS!!

Oh great more crappy pop music. Whoopee.

Darn. I wanted to take this opportunity to compare their transformation sequences, but since they’re all transforming at once, I’ll have to wait until another episode. However, the clips being used are changed from the original. In the original, the only one we see transforming is Ichigo because she’s the star and screw everyone else.

In the dub, we get a mashup of all of the Mews transforming probably because this is the dub’s first episode so they wanted to try to get everyone’s transformation in there. Give 4Kids credit, at least they wanted to give everyone equal spotlight.

HOWEVER, (yeah, you’re not off the hook) I do have to point something out. Does anyone remember in my Tokyo Mew Mew review where I said TMM was partially unique in that their powers weren’t supernatural, it was all science and DNA and whatnot? Though they do technically have magical powers, most of their power comes from science and technology, or what passes for it here. In the dub, the crappy pop song being used during the transformation is a song called “Supernatural” so they’re basically saying that their power is indeed supernatural and not science based.

In the original, the poison is actually, ya know, a poison. Meaning everyone will die. In the dub, everyone will “go to sleep.”

Entire show edit: Kisshu’s style of dress allows you to see these clear ‘groin lines’ whenever you see his stomach. 4Kids paints all of these away.

Subbed: tmmep1fixedscreen5

Dubbed: tgjjjmn

In the original, Ichigo slips up a bit and almost does her catchphrase while seeing Kisshu, but realizes that she doesn’t have time for that, thus the pose is interrupted. They simply edit this out of the dub.


In the original, we see Kisshu standing for a second after being countered by Ichigo and then a scratch mark appears on his cheek. He then gushes and says that was amazing that she actually injured him when he was being serious, that she’s amazing and he really wants to spare her life.

In the dub, the scene where Dren’s scratch mark appears is left out, which is odd because it appears mere seconds later in another shot. He also basically just tells her that he’s stalled her long enough for the poison to take full effect.:


Entire show edit: Zakuro’s wand is in the shape of a cross. The two sides are taken off in the dub to basically just make it a stick. Also, Zakuro frequently wears a cross necklace (That isn’t portrayed in this episode, but still) that is also changed to a stick.

Sorry, it’s difficult to see, I’ll have a better screen shot during a Zakuro centric episode.

Subbed: tmmep1fixedscreen8

Dubbed: 6oghenu

During Ichigo’s attack, we’re constantly back and forthing between Kisshu and Ichigo. He’s yelling at her to not do it because she’ll die if she does. In the dub, every instance of Kisshu during this scene is edited out. Also, they edit out a scene where she jumps at the tree.


In the original, we see a shot of the cicada from earlier now on its back and supposedly dying. This scene is edited out.


The end of this episode is a big cliffhanger in the original. Aoyama appears behind Ichigo while she’s still in Mew Mew form. He has a slight frown on his face as he looks at her and they stare in silence for a while as the background turns into a red light and Ichigo freaks out. We’re left hanging as to his actual reaction.

In the dub, 4Kids said “Well, screw tension.” so they repeated AGAIN the special snowflake crap from earlier and Mark tells her that it’s okay to be different and that she shouldn’t be ashamed. They cut in clips from another episode to give her credible reactions to this script change. Then they literally turn Aoyama’s frown upside down and make Mark smile at Zoey. The end. 😐



Bonus (Original):


Bonus (Dub):


Oh and here’s something new. 4Kids usually removes next episode previews, but here they actually purposely put one in. The preview states that the next batch of episodes will all be the actual first episodes to see how the Mews became the Mews. Ya know, instead of doing that from the beginning like a smart person. Oh and for some reason the next episode preview refuses to say Mew Mew Power. Zoey just keeps saying “Next time on The Mew Mews” Was that like a test title or something?


Getting back to 4Kids’ actual style, the ending theme is removed and replaced by the opening theme song.


Well, that was utterly miserable. The actual episode itself is pretty damn good. There are a lot of good scenes, decent emotional struggles and hardly a stupid moment in sight. The dub, on the other hand, is enragingly terrible. It’s nothing special in regards to edits until the end where they just get insulting. That frown turned upside down thing still haunts my nightmares. Also, where the hell is the tension in the plot line of Zoey’s identity being ousted to Mark now if we have prior knowledge that he’ll be open and accepting of it?

Here’s to 25-ish more episodes of torment!

Next episode, the actual origin story of the Mew Mews.

17 thoughts on “Tokyo Mew Mew/Mew Mew Power Episode 1 (12 for the Original) Sub/Dub Comparison

  1. Pretty good comparison so far. To answer a couple of questions. Purin/Bu-ling’s last name, Fong/Huang, means “Yellow” in Mandarin. And yes, “The Mew Mews” was a test title, along with “Hollywood Mew Mew”, with the latter ending up as an episode title.

    • Thanks, and thanks for clearing up the connection with Pudding’s color. I could not be more glad they decided against ‘Hollywood Mew Mew’. It wouldn’t even make sense most of the time. I wouldn’t really have minded The Mew Mews, though it kinda sounds more like a sitcom than a magical girl show.

  2. There’s a YouTube Poop of Mew Mew Power called Saban Ruins Tokyo Mew Mew. Near the end of the video, CDI Ganon says the Mew Mew rap and it’s actually… tolerable!! (part in question is at 1:39)

    But I know what you mean about Mark’s voice. How did we go from Megumi Freaking Ogata to THIS?

    • Lol Maybe those games would’ve been better received if Ganon did that whenever he appeared (I draw the line at putting him in Ichigo’s Mew outfit though lol)

      Mark’s voice is one of the greater mysteries of 4Kids. They’re definitely not known for having the best voice work, but they weren’t even trying with Mark’s casting.

      • I imagine Scottie Ray (Mark’s VA) would be better at voicing an older character, or a snarky AI. (If he got a bit better at emoting)

        One of the reasons I think Glitter Force is an OK dub is because the voice acting (for the most part) is actually really good. They hired A-list actors and everything! The only exception is the first episode and Candy in general.

      • Fun fact: Mark was voiced by Scott Rayow, who is often credited as Scottie Ray. He has voiced a wide variety of characters in anime and cartoons. He has had roles in Pokemon and YuGiOh, however, his most famous role appears to be the Shredder in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

        I looked up clips of Shredder. You can still tell it’s the same guy who voiced Mark, but it’s MUCH better. Scott Rayow is great at voicing actual adults, it seems! It sucks that he was so bad as Mark, though…

  3. Also, it’s little wonder Mark’s smile haunts your nightmares! It looks so fake. His eyebrows don’t match, and when Masaya/Mark actually smiles, it’s much wider than that. Come on, guys! I bet an amateur who’s still in high school could edit in a more convincing smile!!

    • Honestly, I know how good they can be at digital paint jobs – so they could’ve easily just erased and re-drew the smile instead of awkwardly flipping it like that and giving us that creepy “smile” Or even take a shot of him actually smiling from earlier and copy/paste that mouth onto him. That’s what a lot of people do when they make lipsyncing for AMVs and parodies and stuff. And, like you mentioned, those are young amateurs with non-professional software. 4Kids is not 4Effort.

  4. Also, why do you consider the insert songs to be “blechy”? I understand the BG music being forgettable, but the lyrical songs range from OK to good in my opinion.

    BTW, TheMysteriousMrEnter made a list of the top 20 worst cartoon opening themes, and the Mew Mew Power OP (“Team Up”) was on the list. I think it’s a good song, but nowhere near the Japanese OP (“My Sweet Heart”), which I consider to be one of the best OPs if all time.

    • Eeeehhhh, they’re just overly manufactured girly pop songs that all meld together for me. I don’t know what part of my teenage girl-dom gave me such a distaste for this music, but I just can’t enjoy it. Plus some of the lyrics can be really, and I hate using this term, ‘cringey’. In essence, they’re catchy songs that 4Kids can make a buck on and little girls would enjoy, but I just don’t care for them.

      Really? I’d say it’s a far cry from one of the worst openers. Give it some credit, while it may have weird lyrics (“if we collaborate”?) and intense levels of girliness, it’s a massive ear worm that is produced quite well. I still hum it to myself sometimes and I haven’t watched an episode in nearly two years now.

      My Sweet Heart is a very nice song and a great opener to the show.

      • I don’t get how “if we collaborate” is weird. I knew what “collaborate” meant when I was in elementary school and teachers told us to collaborate on projects. That line sounds natural, at least to me.

      • Hm. That’s a tough one because 4Kids is usually good at making ear worm openers, and they can make some pretty great music when they want to (Their opener to TMNT was awesome, and most of their Pokemon openers are sheer classic)

        The One Piece Rap is typically the go-to response for this question because….it’s the One Piece rap….But, again, even that’s an ear worm. I’d have to say Fighting Foodons because it’s both badly produced and lazy because it’s ripping off, of all things, Can Can music by Offenbach….. I just can’t wrap my head around that.

      • Also, I use the term “cringey” all the time. Not sure if it’s a real word, though…

  5. Correction on the name meaning for Ryo, “dragon” isn’t one of the meanings of “Ryo”, you’re thinking of “Ryu”.

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