30DAC – Day 26: Best Anime Fight

I was going to choose Ed vs. Envy near the end of FMA as that fight, next to Ed vs. Greed, is one of the best animated and choreographed fight scenes in the entire series. Plus, the two major twists at the end of the fight were mind blowing.

However, I felt like there was another FMA fight that was way too entertaining to pass up. Ed vs. Roy.

In the episode titled Fullmetal vs. Flame, Ed is up for his State Alchemy assessment to renew his certification. This entails a show of skill to the higher ups to ensure that they’re still good enough to be State Alchemists. It also seems like you may need to one-up yourself on every assessment to ensure that you’re also improving. At least that’s how Tucker’s case seemed to present itself.

After getting fed up with Roy’s attitude and knowing that he was keeping secrets about Dr. Marco, a man who might have information on the Philosopher’s Stone, he decides the perfect demonstration for his assessment would be an alchemy battle between him and Roy.

And what a battle it is. For the most part, this battle is played up entirely for laughs. Ed spends much of the fight running from Roy’s explosions while Roy spends a good deal of the fight taunting him. Roy even starts attacking the audience to get to Ed (with no major injuries of course, being a comedy fight for the most part.)

I told you guys not to eat that candy from Willy Wonka’s factory.

The tides turn in the smoke with a decoy from Ed, who comes up from behind to slash his glove off of his hand. The transmutation circle on his glove is the main way he makes his flames, so Edward thinks he’s won, especially when he decides to make this insanely huge friggin’ cannon to finish it off.

The cannonballs must be the size of my house.


But Roy’s not down for the count as he reveals he has another transmutation glove on his left hand and blows up the cannon.

The most interesting thing about this battle is, by all means, Edward should’ve lost. The only way the fight ended up in a stalemate, or if you want to push it, Edward winning, was only because of Roy’s war flashback. That made for a really tone-shifting ending btw. This entire fight, from even before it started, was completely comedy with Hughes’ gigantic picture of his daughter to people booing or making fun of both Edward and Roy when being introduced, then at the very, boom, war flashback.

I guess it doesn’t really matter who won since it was the demonstration itself that meant to impress, but still.

This fight is just so much fun. It’s nice to see Edward actually take on Roy and it’s always fun to see Roy showing off. They play off of each other really well and their comedic chemistry just shines in this fight. Not to mention how over the top and crazy it is. It is definitely a fight I can keep watching over and over and still be smiling all the way through.

Uh oh, I’ve only been using stills this entire time. I have….no gifs? Okay, okay. Don’t panic!

I said don’t panic!

It’ll be okay! Just look at the baby Alphonse!

Okay, I just wanted an excuse to use this. Is that so wrong?

5 thoughts on “30DAC – Day 26: Best Anime Fight

    • I just started reading and watching Hunter X Hunter! I’m only a handful of episodes and chapters in but I’ve heard a lot of awesome things about it. (I really like Kurapika so far, and Gon and Killua. :))

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      • Very nice! Are you watching the original or the remake? Kurapika is my favorite character of that series. It’s insane how popular that anime series got once that remake came out. I feel like such a hipster talking about Hunter X Hunter given my history with that series. I even bought the first manga volume the day it came out in America when I was a teenager. Haha!

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      • I’m trying to watch both, because I wanted to get a taste of which one I’d prefer. I’m slightly further behind with the remake though. So far, I’m preferring the original. 🙂 Hunter X Hunter seems very beloved to a lot of people (And that’s so cool that you got the first volume fresh out the gate!) so I hope I can develop a strong bond with the series too. 😀

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      • Gotcha. That’s cool. I do know the remake goes farther, obviously. Funny enough, some other anibloggers I know who have seen both prefer the original from what was previously animated. Yeah, it was pretty cool. When I was about to pick it up at a Suncoast, there was an employee who knew me from buying anime and manga in the past who said “Yes! Get that manga now!” and she saw the fansubs back then so she knew the series.

        I did enjoy Hunter X Hunter before it exploded in popularity in America. The deconstructive elements of the Shonen genre were great and there were so many likable characters. However, I got really uncomfortable with a certain passcode in the G. I. Final OVA to teleport to see a certain character (you’ll know it when you get there).

        Did you also notice that Gon’s voice in the original TV series is the same person who would eventually voice Naruto? Yes, Junko Takeuchi has voiced TWO main Shonen Jump characters.

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