30DAC – Day 20: Anime Character that Gets on Your Nerves

Fun fact: I had basically an entire entry written out for this in advance because I knew exactly, EX-ACT-LY who I was going to pick for this, and to few people’s surprise, it was going to be Mayo from Fushigi Yuugi Eikoden. By all means, she is incredibly irritating, but I think that, for this prompt, the answer should be somewhat different. Mayo’s aggravating because she’s an evil bitch that we’re meant to sympathize with because the writers say so. No matter what awful things she did, we’re meant to forgive her because reasons.

However….I think that, to some degree, Mayo was meant to make viewers mad. There’s no way you do the various things she did in such a bitchy manner as she did them without the intent of having the audience be angered. I just can’t believe any writer would be that stupid. I believe they’d be stupid enough to take a character like that, turn around and say ‘like her now’ but I can’t believe a character would be written in that way without the intent of making the audience mad for some reason.

I recently watched a show that showed me the light on what makes a true character that gets on my nerves. It was called Amnesia and ♪ I’ve been through this prompt on a character with no name. ♪

Her ‘name’ is Heroine. Yes, she has no legit canon name, so she’s simply known by the fanbase as ‘Heroine’. And she’s usually addressed in the anime as ‘you’.

Let’s give a short synopsis of the show first. Amnesia is a show about a girl who suddenly loses her memory of her entire life after being bumped into by a fairy/spirit named Orion. She tries to live her life without drawing attention to the fact that she’s amnesiac, but soon discovers that she has a boyfriend. After getting to know him for a bit, she jumps into another reality that is basically the same as the one she was in, only she’s dating a new guy. And the cycle continues until they run out of guys. How’d you know this was based on a dating sim?

What makes this character so annoying? She is basically a non-character in her own friggin’ show. She does nothing. She barely ever shows any emotion. She never tries to get her memories back and only does investigating into the world around her when prompted by Orion. I would say she’s a reactive character instead of a proactive one, but she barely ever RE-acts either. All she does is stand there with that blank expression and maybe once in a while she’ll chime into a conversation with her annoying breathy voice to say ‘s-sorry’ or ‘it’s nothing’ Even when awful things are happening to her, she barely reacts and does nothing. You could replace her part with a mop and it would probably be more tolerable.

This kiss bores me….
Oh I’m drowning now? *sighs*
Being trapped in a cage by a crazy person disinterests me so….

Oh but every guy is nuts about her despite this. They do have good reason, though. The various Heroines throughout the realities actually supposedly have some sort of personality. We just never see the personality because the Heroine in their reality is replaced by plywood.

And I’m not buying for a second that her amnesia is an excuse for this. A little bit, sure. If she doesn’t remember who she is, she can’t act as she would. But that doesn’t mean she’d have zero personality, it just means she’d have a different one. The different personality could be completely void of personality, but that’s an awful choice in terms of writing.

This does, however, solidify her status as the most blatant Mary Sue character ever. I mean, if you’re watching this show just to imagine yourself dating one or all of the eligible bachelors, then you’ll likely have a ball with this because it’s never been easier to copy/paste yourself onto a character. Since she’s made of cardboard, paste works very well. For those of us watching for actual plot, she essentially ruins what little there is because it’s incredibly difficult to care even a little bit about this non-existent main character, and she is the first ever character I’ve seen to ever infuriate me because of how little there is to them. Usually this just means they’re forgettable and bland, but she’s enragingly forgettable and bland, and she really deserves this spot.