30DAC – Day 3: Favorite Male Anime Character Ever

This is one I looked at and thought would be even worse than the previous prompt, especially given that they don’t put ‘so far’ on it. Damn you convenient word choices! However, as I skimmed through the anime I have watched, it actually became pretty damn easy.

The anime is Baccano! His name is Jacuzzi.

Yes, bask in his awesome name. If I didn’t think they’d get their ass kicked for it in school, I’d name my kid Jacuzzi without question. Jacuzzi actually comes off as pretty annoying in the first episodes that he appears in because he is constantly crying and whining and seems to have no real backbone whatsoever. His gang, however, follows him with fierce loyalty especially his longtime girlfriend, Nice.

You may be wondering why I would choose a guy who seems like he’s consistently pissing his pants instead of some badass character. Well, Jacuzzi is a badass character in his own way. He’s also one of the coolest and kindest male anime characters I’ve ever seen.

Wanna play marbles? They’re a blast!

To get this out of the way, this isn’t a matter of him having dual identities or anything. He’s not a scaredy cat with a super kickass alter ego; Jacuzzi is just Jacuzzi. The reason that he is constantly crying and whining is because it allows him to let out his feelings of fright and sadness in times where it doesn’t effect anything. When the time calls for it, such as in dangerous situations, he picks himself up, stops crying and takes the leadership role like a damn boss. He is ready to die for his friends at a moment’s notice and face even the most frightening and difficult of situations without care as long as his friends make it out okay. And don’t think that just because he doesn’t look like much that he doesn’t have skills, because believe me he does.

The main reason he topped my list was because of the story behind his tattoo. Spoilers, btw.

Jacuzzi is known throughout the city as the guy with a huge gray sword tattoo on his face, and the origin of the tattoo is left a mystery throughout much of the show. However, we later learn the origins of the tattoo are tied directly into the origins of Nice’s scars.

Nice is the gang’s explosives expert and she has been such since she was a little girl. However, an accident while creating some explosives as a child caused the mixture to blow up in her face, making her lose her right eye, lose a good deal of vision in her left eye and suffer from many scars. She held herself up in her room for a long time after the ordeal and not even her best friend Jacuzzi could coax her out. To make her feel less alone in her plight and to allow her to easily recognize him with her damaged vision, he immediately went out and got that huge facial tattoo. It succeeded in its purpose and she’s been by Jacuzzi’s side ever since.

They have an explosive relationship.

End spoilers.

That is an incredible guy through and through and if anyone deserves the spot (Or should I say SPLOT? Ahahahahah…ahh I’ll see myself out.) of my favorite male anime character ever, he does. Aren’t you happy for this honor Jacuzzi?

I knew he’d be.

Honorable mentions: Vash from Trigun, Roy Mustang from FMA Brotherhood, and Marco from 3000 Leagues in Search of Mother.