Inuyasha Movie 1 – Affections Touching Across Time Review

Inuyasha Movie 1 – Affections Touching Across Time

Rating: 7/10

Plot: After Kagome broke the Shikon Jewel, one of the shards was imbedded in the resting place of Menomaru, the son of Hyoga, one of Inuyasha’s father’s, Inutaisho’s, greatest enemies. Menomaru for some reason waits until we’ve gotten to a point where all of the important main characters are established before doing anything, but he later sends out his henchmen to find the fang that sealed his father’s power away so that he could inherit it and RULE THE WORLD!!! Oh and kill Inuyasha as trickled down revenge for his father, but for some reason not Sesshomaru.

Reasons for Rating: Channeling my inner Inuyasha fan, this movie was pretty good. Most anime movies feel like an extended episode of the TV series, but this….at least felt like a condensed arc of the series. It does seem weird to me that Inuyasha’s father only seems to be put into the series when a movie comes around.

Menomaru is a moth demon and he’s…a villain. He’s pretty boring tbh. He has no real personality beyond the typical revenge/rule the world chestnut. And I really would like an explanation as to why he never targeted Sesshomaru during this little crusade. He’s Inutaisho’s son too. The only reason he was even in this movie was because his minions mistook the Tenseiga for the Tetsusaiga as the fang that was needed to unseal Hyoga’s power.

Now for the title of this movie: Menomaru has the power to control people through half yinyang jewels placed on the forehead. He controlled Kirara through one and Kagome with another, plus a jewel shard because her spiritual powers were too strong. After attacking Kaede, Kagome targets Inuyasha while wearing priestess robes because Kaede changed her into those since hers were dirty from battle. Also so that they could make the obvious replay of Kikyo shooting Inuyasha 50 years ago again. Because that scene needs to be shown over and over and over and over and over and over and over.

So she chases him down right in front of the sacred tree, how convenient, and shoots him with an arrow. I think this is a mirror of something, but I can’t quite remember. If only I saw the scene a few thousand more times.

Kikyp happens upon the scene and forcibly tells her that she needs to go home and leave Inuyasha forever because she doesn’t belong in their era and she ended up injuring Inuyasha…I guess because of that fact? How does that make sense? You know she was being controlled. She also tells her to take the shikon jewel shard with her….well, THAT certainly doesn’t belong in her era. The only point in leaving her with those shards is to allow her to come back later.

She tells her that since Menomaru has awakened the Tree of Ages and that the Bone-eaters’ well is made of wood from the Tree of Ages, that it will soon overgrow and she’ll no longer be able to go back to her world. Also, because of that, her era is now frozen over in an eternal winter….Ya know, usually when people say that an era is frozen in time they mean that time has stopped not that perpetual winter has sprung.

Kagome doesn’t want to leave Inuyasha, but Kikyo’s mighty voice of yelling somehow pushes her into the well.

She finds that indeed her era is plunged into winter as snow comes down from the sky. Fast forward, yada yada, she puts her hand to the sacred tree that Inuyasha’s still laying in front of in the feudal era and she talks to him through the trees because THE POWER OF LURV!!! ❤ Or shikon jewel shards, they never make it clear. He….hugs her through some sort of weird purgatory world, I dunno, and she uses her sacred arrow to get rid of the branches and come back to him. And…that’s it, really. At least for that supposedly focal arc.

In my opinion, the storyline with Kirara and Sango was much more emotionally impacting. Sango refuses to fight Kirara and ends up getting hit by her and thrown through the air. As a tear from Sango hits Kirara’s taijitu thing, she snaps out of it and starts bashing her head against a tree to break the jewel. She does, exhausting herself in the process and together they kick Menomaru’s minion’s ass. It is, by far, the best scene in the movie and it makes me want to cry.

For people who have never seen Inuyasha, it holds up okay. They pretty much explain everyone and the entirety of the plot, though I don’t think that they mention Naraku, which is odd.

Kikyo seems a bit OOC in this movie and Sesshomaru’s there for fanservice and not even the fun kind. 😦

Art: The art actually seems like a step down from the usual fare. The animation’s a step up, though, so that’s something. I should also mention the blech-y CGI aspect.

Music: Inuyasha’s soundtrack has always been wonderful and it’s just as great here. The big climax is scored wonderfully and it still sends shivers up my spine. The ending theme is also memorable and great.

Voice acting: Dub. Same as the TV series. There’s some lameness in the dub script, but it’s all good.

Bottomline: It’s a pretty good movie. Nothing fantastic, but still a great ride for Inuyasha lovers and a decent ride for anyone who’s never seen it.

Additional Information and Notes: Inuyasha: Affections Touching Across Time was directed by Toshiya Shinohara, who actually went on to direct all of the future Inuyasha movies.

It was produced by Sunrise, but oddly enough the production was not done by the same studio sub-division as the original series was.

Year: 2001

Runtime: 1:40:00

Recommended Audience: No real blood, no nudity, no sex, Miroku’s usually lechery, some violence….10+?


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