Digimon Adventure 01 Episode 1 Sub/Dub Comparison

They told me this would happen if I flushed bubblegum down the toilet…or am I thinking of alligators? Eh whatever.

Plot: Seven kids at summer camp are somehow transported to a mysterious place called the Digital World, where they meet strange creatures called Digimon. They have supposedly been waiting for their arrival, but there’s no time to get acquainted with new friends because a fierce Digimon called Kuwagamon has targeted them for attack.

Preface: I am a huge fan of Digimon. This is one of those anime that I could watch over and over and never get tired of it. The characters are lovable, the story is great, and it never felt like it overstayed its welcome.

The dub definitely doesn’t fare nearly as bad as some of the other shows I compare, but there are still plenty of script changes and stuff of note that make this a worthy show for comparison. Digimon was dubbed by Saban, who you may recognize from every Power Rangers series ever. They also dubbed DBZ once upon a time and Samurai Pizza Cats. The show was distributed by Fox Kids, which is now Jetix. As much as it pains me on occasion, let’s start comparing Digimon Adventure 01.


The opening theme song was changed to a completely different song. I like the dub song. No, it doesn’t have many lyrics, and yes it’s repetitive, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be catchy and awesome. The original song is okay, and I know it’s beloved, but it never clicked with me much.

Surprisingly, all of the background scenes of the opening theme were kept exactly the same barring the title screen. Some slight edits may have occurred for time reasons.

In the original, a traditional narrator is narrating the opening scene. In the dub, Tai is. We also get no specification on what areas are being showcased when the explanations of the weather phenomena are given.

In the original, the paddyfields in southeast Asia were drying out. In the dub, it was just “the rainforests.” In the original, the middle east was getting flooded. In the dub, “other places” were getting flooded. In the original, America was becoming insanely cold. In the dub it was “cities that were blazing hot in the summer were becoming freezing cold.”

Entire Show Edit: A lot of the background music also seems to have been changed.

Some kooky kid jokes have also been added. The tone is a more serious in the original.

Name Change: Tai’s full name in the original is Taichi Yagami. In the dub, this is changed to Taichi “Tai” Kamiya…I have no clue why. Usually when names are changed in English dubs it’s to Americanize the name. Why change the name to another Japanese name?

Also, something kinda funny just occurred to me. Yagami is Light’s last name from Death Note. Kari is Tai’s younger sister, so her last name is also Yagami. Kari’s short for Hikari, which is Japanese for Light. In addition, if you switch the A and the I in Kari, you get KIRA! Screw L and Near, I solved that crap no problem.

In the original, the narrator is simply listing off their names as they appear in the same black borders as seen in the dub. In the dub, Tai’s still narrating and he’s giving slight opinions about each of the characters/character descriptions.

Name Change, Though Not Really?: In the original, Matt’s real name is Yamato. In the dub, his name is listed on screen as being Yamato, with Matt in quotes as his nickname. TECHNICALLY, this still makes sense since YaMATo, but I guess it still counts as a change since that’s not how he’s addressed in the original.

Name Change, Though Not Really?: Izzi is originally Koushiro Izumi. In the dub, his name is also listed as Koushiro Izumi but with Izzy in quotes as his nickname. Same circumstances as Matt with it ‘counting’ since his name is still displayed, he’s just being addressed differently.

Name Change, Though Not Really?: TK is originally Takeru, but they do the same thing with his name as with the others.

Name Change in Spelling: Joe’s original name is spelled Jo. It isn’t written in katakana, so I don’t think they were trying for “Joe” so I’m counting it, It should also be noted that, for some strange reason, Joe’s name in the dub is written in a different font from everyone else’s. Maybe it was changed last second.

Font for everyone else –

Joe’s Font –

In addition, the original name boxes included their school name and what grade they were in. The dub just has their names.

Title Change/Title Cards: The dub doesn’t use the title screens from the original, which are cool, so that sucks. Also, the name of this episode is Adrift? The Island of Adventure! in the original. In the dub it’s And so it Begins…. I like these title screens since they change every episode, so I’ll do you guys a solid and post each one.

After the commercial break in the dub, they replay the footage right before the Digivices burst out of the sky. They add a line to Mimi in doing so.

In the original, no mention of what Koromon means is given. In the dub, Koromon says it means “brave little warrior” I don’t understand how that can be. Koro, to be extent of my knowledge, usually means some point in time such as “When” Mon is short for monster, hence Digimon: Digital Monsters. Saban must’ve thrown that in to point at his later crest of courage? None of the other Digimon get name explanations, so this just seems kinda weird. If anyone has another explanation, feel free to share.

The Digimon Index screens, which is what I call it when the Digimon’s information comes up on the screen, is entirely in Japanese in the dub barring the English version of the Digimon’s names in the corner, which were there to begin with. Maybe it was too much editing, but I gotta say, all that Japanese text was scary. I wish 4Kids was here right now 😦

OH! IT’S CALLED FILE ISLAND…BECAUSE THEY’RE DATA!….I never got that until now. Wow.

Dub Izzy: “I believe those miniature remote digital gadgets took on physical form.” You mean that Digivice on your backpack strap took on a physical form that is on the ground next to you? That makes sense. In the original, Izzy just says Motimon’s been following him since he woke up.

In the original, the narrator from before gives detailed information about Kuwagamon. In the dub, Koromon gives it. In the future, Izzy will usually be the one doing this. In fact, I rarely ever heard a narrator in Digimon in the dub, but it sounds like the original has him everywhere.

Name Change?: In the dub, Sora calls Pyokomon “Yokomon.” I’m not sure if Saban thought the P was silent or Sora’s VA goofed or they fully changed the name. I’m also fairly certain I’m not mishearing it either. For the record, in this episode anyway, Pyokomon’s Digivolution screen says ‘Pyocomon’ in the background (it’s sometimes spelled with a ‘c’ for whatever reason), not ‘Yokomon.’

Ya know, in a debate I had long ago about weird Digivolutions, I never brought up Pyokomon…She goes from a radish to a bird line….how does that make sense?

Name Change?: It sounds like they say Pukamon as Bukamon. In both Digimon’s Index screens, again in this episode anyway, they have it spelled right, they’re just saying it weird.

In the original, no mention of what the creatures are (Digimon) or where they are (The Digital World) is given until after all of the characters have reunited. In fact, where they are is never even mentioned in this episode. In the dub, they say it quite often after Motimon makes his appearance. Thus, the big reveal of what they are is fairly lost in the dub.

The commercial break eyecatches are edited out, which is also very common of practically any dubbed show. The eyecatches here are basically Digimon cards of each of the In-Training Digimon combining together to make their Rookie forms in a group shot. After the commercials, the Rookie cards join together to make a Champion group shot. I’m not sure if Ultimate and Mega will be added, but I’ll post them if they change.

In the original, the Digimon all restate their names after the commercial. In the dub, they give awkward explanations like Digimon are cute, loyal, have nice hair etc.

When Tai’s introducing everyone in the original, he follows up everyone’s name with what grade they’re in. Taichi, Sora and Yamato in fifth grade, Jo in sixth, Koushiro in fourth and Takeru in second.

In addition, the original’s dialogue is somewhat awkward. Taichi introduces everyone and each character follows up by introducing themselves. For example, “This is Ishida Yamato” “I’m Ishida Yamato”

The dub is no better. It basically sounds like a video game character selection screen. You select one character and they say something that of course their characters would say. Like Matt “No autographs please” and Izzy “Do you have Internet access?” Tai also makes a weird note to stereotype some of the characters such as Matt, the self-proclaimed cool one and Izzy our computer expert.

They don’t seem to dislike Mimi in the original. In the dub it’s all “Hey, where’s that girl with the silly pink hat?” “Hey now, her NAME is MIMI. *verbal eyeroll*“Maybe she’s picking flowers or going on a nature hike.”

As the kids are running in the dub, Izzy says “Okay, so maybe she’s not picking flowers” he’s not speaking in the original, and you can clearly see that his mouth isn’t moving.

Kuwagamon doesn’t roar in the original. Barring his wingflaps, he’s totally silent.

The original has sad harmonica music playing when the kids gather their wounded Digimon. The dub has decent sad music for it, but I prefer the original. Can’t beat sad harmonica music.

Though Mimi is annoying, you have to give her credit for being the only one in the group who knows that Tanemon and the others have no other choice but to fight.

In the original, a vocal song is playing as the Digimon evolve for the first time. In the dub, regular Digimon background music plays. Basically a more instrumental and softer version of the dubbed theme, which will usually be used from here on out. In addition, in the original, the Digimon say (Digimon’s name), evolve! (Evolved version’s name) In the dub they say (Digimon’s name) Digivolve toooooooooo (Digivolved version’s name)

Name Change?: Biyomon is originally Piyomon. I still have no idea why these very minor changes are happening.

Attack Name Changes: Patamon’s Air Shot is changed to Boom Bubble.

Tentomon’s Petite Thunder is changed to Super Shocker (Which sounds better IMO)

Agumon’s Baby Flame is changed to Pepper Breath (Again, better)

Gabumon’s Petite Fire is changed to Blue Blaster (Eh)

Biyomon’s Magical Fire (Geez so much fire.) is changed to Spiral Twister (at least it adds variety)

And screw Gomamon’s attack, because they don’t even do it. Yeah, Gomamon needs to be near water, I think, to use his Marching Fishes attack, but still.

Palmon’s Poison Ivy is the only attack left alone.

Dub!Izzy: “They made vaporware out of them.” Vaporware is software that is announced but never released or died off somehow. How is Kuwagamon like that? Just because you know a fancy term kids wouldn’t get and it sounds technical doesn’t mean you should use it in places it doesn’t belong.

In the original, the music when everyone’s celebrating suddenly cuts out when Kuwagamon reappears. In the dub, the song properly ends, so it doesn’t sound as dramatic.

The dub gets rid of the ending theme song and replaces it with the same opener. Fairly common of dubbed kids shows. The original song is pretty good. They also lose the next episode preview, which, again, is also very common.

Next episode, we get our first Adult/Champion evolution/Digivolution with Agumon becoming Greymon!

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Aishiteruze Baby Review

Aishiteruze Baby

Plot: Due to her mother’s emotional instability regarding recent hardships, a little girl named Yuzuyu is suddenly left in the care of her cousin’s family with no warning. The middle child of the house, a teenager named Kippei, is tasked with doing most of her caretaking despite the fact that he knows next to nothing about taking care of children and spends all of his time goofing off and chasing girls. However, he soon develops the responsible and caring nature to properly care for her while Yuzuyu deals with being separated from her mom.

Breakdown: Ya know….I don’t have a good attitude towards little kids. I know this might seem ironic since I basically act like a kid, but my views on children have been so tainted over the years. They scream, they cry all the time, they’re gross, etc. and damn do they usually gain a bad rep in the media. Wanna kill a show? Bring on a kid. Wanna make a show annoying? Start off with a kid. But dammit all if Yuzuyu doesn’t make my uterus twitch for a child.

While you’re trying to get that picture out of your mind, let me explain why. Yuzuyu is probably the most real (and likable) kid I’ve seen in a long time in a show. She’s adorable, she excitable, she’s got just enough kid honesty/clarity in her to be cute while not seemingly spouting off plot points or plot resolutions and dammit she’s so ADURRRABLLLL.

Kippei is also very likable throughout the whole series. When I read the premise I was really worried that he’d be an asshole, but despite being somewhat of a player, he’s a kind and honest person. His relationship with Yuzuyu grows incredibly well and I enjoyed every second that they shared the screen.

His relationship with Kokoro (His stoic girlfriend) is also very sweet, while shaky at times, but not as enjoyable to watch as him and Yuzuyu.

Before I go any further, I want everyone to understand that this show IS very much a cutesy slice-of-life with a twist (Instead of the usual fare of teenagers going to school, it’s a teenager taking care of a child with school peppered in.) but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have some dark moments. Without giving too much away, we deal with incredibly cruel stalkers, self-harm (kidnapping too?), child abuse, death, and of course, dealing with abandonment.

That being said, there’s almost a bit too much drama in this show. It wouldn’t bother me as much if the situations that are so problematic weren’t handled so quickly. Let’s use a not-so-important plotline as an example. Kippei had a stalker who was so obsessed with him that she actually perceived Yuzuyu as a threat. Thus she told really nasty things to her and nearly physical assaulted her. All of this was resolved simply by Kippei rejecting her. Seriously, if you’re so obsessed with a guy that you’d be cruel to a little girl and nearly physically harm her, I doubt a gentle let down would stave her from the path. Restraining order!

There are some nuggets of drama of this show that add up to a little insanity when you think about it. Yuzuyu has an emotionally broken mother who essentially abandoned her and kinda abused her. Kippei’s older sister, Reiko, is incredibly mean and bossy, especially to Kippei. Satsuki, Kippei’s younger brother, is totally emotionless (and his plotline was ‘resolved’ lamely.) Yuzuyu’s friend Marika is a complete bitch. Kokoro’s friends are both complete bitches. Kokoro’s father is an asshole. Kokoro herself has emotional issues. And I’m not even mentioning the other characters that I can’t talk about because spoilers.

Someone mentioned to me that the show is about how they fix those problems, not the fact that they exist. Well, hate to break it to you, but the way that they handle these issues is sometimes quite lame. Major issues are handled like someone forgot to put a new roll of toilet paper in the bathroom.

The story is very good. Even if plotlines were wrapped up too nicely too quickly sometimes. I still enjoyed the ride and was glued to my seat the entire time. After watching so many super serious shows and random shows, it’s a welcome breath of fresh air to sit through a cute and light-hearted show that can also tackle drama.

That being said, I need to address the ending, which means SPOILER AHOY. SCROLL DOWN FOR NOT-SPOILERS AND WHATNOT.

The ending of the anime was more satisfying than I first felt when I watched it. I just thought that they’d wrap everything up in a nice bow like they did other storylines. The anime just kinda ends. Reiko finds Yuzuyu’s mom who is apparently so far away that she needs to take a plane to see her. Reiko tells her that she didn’t want to find her, she wanted her to pick up her daughter on her own, but she’s worried about Yuzuyu.

Yuzuyu had recently become very depressed because she had been separated from her mother for so long that she was starting to forget what she looked like. She freaks out even more when she realizes that she’s outgrowing the pajamas that her mother bought her. She refuses to wear any other pajamas and still wants to wear them even after they accidentally rip.

Yuzuyu’s mom tells Reiko that, when her husband died, she couldn’t stop crying and she was an emotional mess. She couldn’t handle the stress of taking care of Yuzuyu on her own while also grieving over her husband. She’s been counting the days that she has gone without crying and tells her that when she believes she can take care of Yuzuyu properly in a more stable state, she will return to her. (Therapy might speed up the process, love.)

Then we cut to Kippei and Yuzuyu leaving for school in the morning.

It may seem like a cliffhanger, but not that much. Every plotline was resolved and the main one was resolved alright. The ending to the manga apparently showed Yuzuyu being picked up by her mother and Kippei and Yuzuyu tearfully parting. Cut to some years in the future where apparently Kokoro and Kippei are living together and  intend on getting married eventually. Kippei gets a letter from Yuzuyu, now a teenager, thanking him for taking care of her when she was little.

That ending is a bit more solidified than the anime’s, but I really don’t have much of an issue with it. I like Yuzuyu with Kippei and Kokoro.

(Edit: Here is the link to my AniManga Clash! entry on the series.)


Art and Animation: The art is good, but not great. It’s very shoujo-y with bright pastel colors, but some of the proportions and stylistic choices were a bit iffy. The animation is fair, but it’s not like there’s much action to really gain a measure on it.

Music: LOVE the ED, really like the OP, the BG music is good also, but some of the music tends to get on my nerves (Like the Bwa-bwa-bwa-bwawawawa noise that is so interchangeable that it can show up in any scene)

Voice acting: Japanese – Everyone is good. Yuzuyu’s ADORABLE and speaks like an actual child. However, she gets a wee bit annoying when she yells WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! :0

Bottomline: If you need a splash of family cuteness, an adorable kid and some drama, check it out. It’s a great show with great characters and the flaws really aren’t a big deal if you can get into it.

Additional Notes and Information: Aishiteruze Baby was produced by TMS Productions and was directed by Masaharu Okuwaki. There is no English dub to date.

Episodes: 26

Year: 2004

Recommended audience: A little kid swears once, but that’s it for swearing. We have some heavy storylines like abandonment, child abuse, self-harm, threatening suicide, kidnapping, etc. Mmm…….It’s so odd. This show stars a five year old and there are numerous plotlines about events at kindergarten and drawing etc, but since America’s such a stick in the mud about ‘mature themes’ I have to say 10+

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