GA: Geijutsuka Art Design Class Review

GA: Geijutsuka Art Design Class

Plot: A slice-of-life comedy anime about a group of girls in a school that specializes in art students.

Breakdown: Slice-of-life comedies have to be one of the hardest genres to review, especially when they have no real story to them beyond what the plot gives us. The genre is fairly saturated as well, in addition to shows like Azumanga Daioh being the frontrunner for quality in the genre.

GA does a very good job at both being funny and entertaining as well as being a neat feature for artists along the way. Despite a good chunk of the art related information given in this show being pretty basic, I still learned some stuff, and it was cool to see an anime that talks about art so energetically.

Character-wise, we have two groups of characters; our regular group and a side-group of older students who are in an art club. (GA has both a regular school and an art school, so I guess the art club’s meant for people who like art but not enough to be in the other part of the school.)

Main Group

Kisaragi: Kisaragi is a naïve worry wart who has a thing for cats. Practically everything that she draws has something to do with cats and…and…..I’m sorry, but there’s one detail about this girl that annoys me to hell – her glasses. Her glasses are HUGE and they’re so far down her face that, most of the time, it seems like they cover more of her cheeks than her eyes.


I thought the Chief from Beyblade’s glasses were annoying…

Tomokane: A hyper and very physical tomboy with short hair and a boy-ish voice. I actually thought Tomokane was a guy for the first half of the series, and I constantly kept calling her ‘him’ afterwards on accident. Tomokane frequently causes a lot of trouble with….

Noda: An equally hyper and extremely random girl who likes to cause trouble. Her older sister is a model whose face is masked for the entirety of the one episodes she’s featured in.

Kyouju: A dark and constantly straight-faced girl, Kyouju frequently freaks out the rest of the group with her deadpan delivery and dark style.

Namiko: Seemingly the oldest one of the group, Namiko frequently acts as the responsible one. She works hard to ensure that everyone’s working on their assignments as well as keeps the fun-loving group in check (especially Noda).

Side Group

Club President: Also energetic and random, the club president really loves her club and is always eager about making club activities and getting new members to keep the club alive.

Bucchi: Kisaragi’s friend who introduced her to GA, Bucchi I think is part of the art section of school. She also acts as a responsible member of the group.

Orange haired guy: He’s random and energetic but more down to earth than the club president.

Blue haired guy: The straight-man of the group for the most part.

Older Tomokane: Younger Tomokane’s older brother, he’s constantly ill to the point where he spends most of his schooltime in the nurse’s office and frequently faints. However, he loves nothing more than playing pranks on his younger sister.

You may notice something with the side group – I couldn’t remember most of their names. They’re a really forgettable bunch. The main reasons I remember Older Tomokane and Bucchi was because they were connected in one way or another to characters in the main group. They come in halfway through the series, and they don’t do much. Their segments also weren’t very funny barring maybe the Club President’s box.

The OVA isn’t really anything different from the regular series, except, I guess, we have more of an interaction between the two groups, and we learn why Kisaragi wanted to go to GA in the first place.

Art and Animation: The art and animation were bright, colorful and a joy to look at. It’s not amazing, but it’s pretty unique in its style and coloring. Also, I should note that these girls are supposed to be 15-16 years old, but they look and act like they’re about seven barring Namiko and Kyouju.

Music: The OP, lyrically, is weird, but it’s a catchy and cutesy theme. The ED’s okay, and the BG music is also good.

Voice Acting: Japanese – The voice acting was great. Everyone had plenty of energy and fit well within their roles.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a lighthearted SoL anime and don’t care much about linear storylines, this is a good one to check out. It’s also a cute show for anyone interested in art even as a slight hobby.

Additional Information and Notes: GA: Geijutsuka Art Design Class was directed by Hiroaki Sakurai and was produced by AIC.

Episodes: 12 plus a one episode OVA.

Year: 2009

Recommended Audience: There’s no questionable material. Rated E for everyone!

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