Maburaho Review

Plot: Shikimori goes to a school filled with magicians where your worth as a magician is measured by how many times you’re allowed to use it. You see, a magician only has so many times they can use magic in their lifetime. If they use it all up, they instantly die.

Shikimori’s worth is pitiful as he can only use his magic a handful of times. Thus, he’s known throughout the school as a loser. However, one day, three girls suddenly appear and lust after him wanting to marry him. They don’t want him – however, they want his genes. Shikimori’s bloodline is incredibly powerful, but it ends with him. Girls all over the school now want to bear his child so they can claim the power of his bloodline.

Breakdown: Geez, this sounds like every guy’s dream. The underdog suddenly has every girl after him, but they only want to sleep with him no strings attached. And, hey, if you want more to your relationships, there are also several who want to marry him.

Maburaho is just bland. It’s not even really good at fanservice. I only watched two episodes and I can basically predict what’s going to happen. There will be a ton of episodes focusing on just the girls lusting after Shikimori and the Three’s Company moments stemming from it. We’ll delve a bit more into the character’s backstories, but none of it will matter much. Shikimori will probably use up his magic on stupid stuff, verge on dying, big moment happens and he ends up with Yuna because obviously she’s the main love interest and it would be dumb to have him go with the girl who 100% wants nothing more to do with him than sex and the monotone samurai girl who wants the same thing.

Shikimori’s boring, the girls are boring, the side characters are boring, the art’s boring, it’s just blah.

I will admit that this series actually has somewhat of new premise with the whole limited amount of times they can use magic and if they use those shots up they die thing, but that’s not much to cheer about.

Then there’s the fact that I have to, yet again, ask the audience to switch the genders to see how creepy this really is. Imagine a bunch of guys viciously pursuing a girl just because they want her genes to bear a child for them.

Then they wag their fingers at him for blowing up at them because none of them really care about him, they only want his baby juice, but Yuna really does like him. Sure it may not be what every teenage boy would do right then, but he has every right to feel that way. No matter what gender you are, getting attention for the sheer sake of obtaining your genes must seem somewhat insulting.

It’s also pretty sexist to the girls. I know that Japanese history is littered with marriages and arrangements that are made purely for the benefit of the family name, but these girls don’t want to marry him or honor their family, they just want to bonk him so they can mother magical nukes.

Bottom Line: Unless predictable and boring harems are your forte, avoid this one.

Additional Information and Notes: Maburaho was directed by Shinichiro Kimura and was produced by JC Staff.

Episodes: 24

Year: 2003-2004

Recommended Audience: Typical harem fare. 13+

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2 thoughts on “Maburaho Review

  1. To be fair, Maburaho was among, if not the first magic highschool concept created. It’s animation was top-notch for it’s time, and because of the explosion of other anime with similar concepts, it is very easy to compare Maburaho negatively. The entire plot is admittedly rather cheesy, but what other anime has the same story? To me, Maburaho is incredibly unique with it’s own unidentifiable charm. When watching, make sure to keep your mind open and not compare it to other anime of more recent dates. My only complaint about Maburaho was the manga and light novels. The manga was never extended beyond two volumes, and the light novels did have a seemingly dissapointing ending. (Just for those of you who have not read the novels, Shikimori picks Yuna in the end). To me, Maburaho is among my favorite anime as well as the first anime i ever watched. (So I might be a little biased :p). My last words to the reader: Give it a try. Don’t give up on it or compare it.


  2. I’m glad I checked out this review. Very good point about bringing up the point on what this anime would look like if the genders were reversed. I’ve used that same logic when it came to the movies and anime I’ve reviewed like Y Tu Mama Tambien, Somers Town, The Garden of Words, and one episode of Seraphim Call even though it involved a yuri situation.

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